Embodying the luminescence of the rainbow, irises add prismatic brilliance to any landscape and bring joy to the heart. We welcome you to our celebration of the wondrous Rainbow Flower and invite you to take a break from everyday hum-drum life...


  • Saturday Open Gardens

  • May 6, 13, 20 and 27 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

  • Check our "Open Yard" event page for additional information.

    Potted iris sales will continue through May! Pre-ordering during the week prior to your garden visit is preferred. Any in-garden sales must be completed online using your personal device to maintian an acurate inventory.

Jentleman Jake
Broadleigh Sybil
Distant Nebula
Fallen Plums
Going Bananas
Cosmic Sparks
Peacock Gap
Solid Citizen
Odd Man Out

2023 Iris Purchasing Opportunities

Note: We will not be having in-garden sales in May, only pre-paid pickup on Saturdays! Review details on our ordering information page.
  • Early/Mid-April: Potted PCI and species iris will be available for purchase online for local "curbside" pick up. (No shipping!)
  • Open Yard: "Curbside Spring" for potted PCI and species iris will remain active for pre-orders for local pick up on our Open Garden events. In-garden sales will be strictly through our online sales using your personal device!!
  • End of May through August: Online sales for bare-root rhizomes for September shipping will open.
  • Late September: Last chance "after shipping" sale of extra rhizomes! (Local, no shipping!)

Our primary focus is Pacific Coast Iris, although we grow a significant representation of all other types of iris as well. Our ultimate goal is to create a living archive to preserve as many of the older Pacific Coast Iris hybrids as possible. We currently grow over 350 named PCI hybrids, along with many as yet unregistered seedlings, and are constantly seeking to expand the collection. As our collection grows, so will the number of selections that are available through our on-line sales. If you grow a registered Pacific Coast Iris that we do not have in our collection, we're willing to purchase it or trade for it! On occasion we will also offer selections of Japanese, Louisiana, Siberian, Spuria and Species irises. Our excess stock of Tall, Miniature Dwarf, Standard Dwarf, Intermediate, Border and Miniature Tall Bearded Irises are donated to the King Country Iris Society for their sale in August. Similarily we donate excess beardless stock to KCIS for their September sale.

A close-up picture showing the details of an individual iris flower can show all of the intricate details, melding of colors and the subtlety of patterns, shading and tones quite well. However, a close-up does not indicate anything about the growth patterns of the plant or the significant impact that clumps of irises can have in the garden. Our Galleria photos offer close-up views of individual flowers as well as some views of clumps or group plantings. We're also adding side views of Pacific Coast irises to provide a dual perspective since patterns and colors are often so subtle. If you are a local gardener, you may want to consider visiting our garden to view the iris in mature clumps.

Located in Skyway, a community found between Renton and Seattle in Washington, the Leonine Iris garden is open each Saturday in May from 10:00am to 4:00pm for drop-in visits. If you would be interested in stopping by outside of these hours, please contact us for an appointment. In the meantime, please enjoy our photo galleries, reference materials and iris games!

If you have any questions regarding anything on our website, please contact us!